The sculptures of the roman villa of Chiragan

Musée Saint-Raymond

Toulouse Archaeology Museum

RA 61 b

The discovery of dozens of marble sculptures on the site of the Roman villa of Chiragan in Martres-Tolosane in the 19th century remains to this day one of the most impressive feats of French archaeology. So many pieces have not been found at any other ancient site in France, and only a few sites throughout the ancient lands of the Roman empire, such as Emperor Hadrian’s villa in Tivoli or the villa of the Papyri in Herculanum, can bear witness to such a collection of marble pieces in a private context.

As such, the public collections in Toulouse can be proud to present such a vast quantity of mythological sculptures and portraits, which were found all in one place. We hope that this digital catalogue will inspire amateurs, those with a keen interest, and students alike to come and visit this spectacular collection at the Musée Saint-Raymond, the Toulouse Archaeology Museum.